Monday, 2 March 2015

OUGD503 Responsive Brief 01 Indevidual Practice Leeds Art Party Digital Poster

 I was asked to create a couple of posters to help promote awareness of the Arts Party Conference. They are intended to be used predominantly online so I suggested they be designed in a square format because of the way that would fit better in a mobile setting and fit on the screen in one go. I would then re work the content for print when needed. 

The brief I received is detailed in the email below.

Background considerations:
What have you designed previously for this client?
Was it successful?
How can these posters fit in with other promotional material that has already been released?
How can continuity be created with past designs and those to come and fit with material received by the audience on the day of the conference?
How can the arts party tone of voice be best communicated in a digital format?

I talked to our 'in house illustrator' Fran and we came up with adding a few more market stalls to the poster, just to suggest a business and scale, rather than simply one stand which felt a little scant.

Its a great illustration using the purple from the logo that was allocated to the arts market event for the website design. While she was doing this I have been looking into creating a texture or pattern that could help bulk out the arts party brand. We need something that could be used for multiple formats, uses the colours we have cemented into the other designs and add interest to a design. I settled on the reduced opacity pattern you can see below. It takes the concept of the bunting  from fran's illustration and makes it a little more edgy and more gender neutral.

This could be used as a replacement for the banner on the website which I feel isn't working as well as it could.

I tried using it in the digital poster but I felt that it was to busy and competed for attention with the important information that needs to be communicated by this piece of design.

So the pattern was removed for now and the logo repositioned. This positioning was done to try and create harmony with the existing poster that started off the campaign.
However, the size and positioning of the social media and website information needed to be altered to ensure legibility. 

A number of tests of justification on this text proved that the X hight of the letters needed to be lined up with the to of each line to the logo. This achieved something close to visual balance so that the information is readable and noticeable but does not detract from the whole message of the piece.

For now this design is the best that could be achieved. However, I will look to alter the spacing to the type on the social media icons. This is because at a smaller scale the type becomes squashed and hard to read.

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