Tuesday, 2 December 2014

OUGD504 Visiting Professional The Print Project

 Today Nick from the Print Project came into college to do a workshop on type setting with wood type.
We had a number of styles and sizes to choose from and we were asked to experiment and put together whatever we wanted.

As well as the type its self we learned to use the furniture that fits the type in place in the chase to get straight edges.

I chose to render one of my favourite sayings; create the box to think outside of. I played around withe creating a box out of the type its self and placing some aspects of the design outside of it.

As you can see it takes a lot of equipment to fix all of the individual letters in place.

I really enjoyed this process and would like to pursue it for a brief some time. It has got me thinking about the fact that the current advertising campaign brief we are doing are for digital print outcomes. Although tis is restricting in some senses I want to look into print methods that I can use to create a certain look and then reproduce it using digital print.

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