Sunday, 7 December 2014

OUGD504 Studio Brief 04 Augmented Design, Considering Application of Augmented Reality Tech Part of Study Task 12

Even though the brief only asks us to research the option of augmented design, after looking into it I though it might be profitable to generate ideas of how to implement the Layar technology in my advertising campaign. The first 4 sketches are for the coaster and poster designs as the two would be very similar in their layout and functionality. This is because I like the way the circular format relates to the porthole shaper of ship windows. 

I want to create a way of exploring further into the images on the poster and the coaster, moving it around inside the porthole and possibly even a small drop down menu, on the far left top sketch, tat would allow you to look at images from the whole walk that that image is taken from. This is playing on the feedback I got during the web design brief, saying that the images of beautiful places are the most effective visuals when it comes to convincing people to go somewhere. 

I also looked at how I would work with the table top sticker idea and if augmented reality would be usable. Then I had the idea of a small animation showing the construction of the salt lettering or even the salt lettering being expanded on with some small footprints through the salt. All of this would appear to be happening on the table top it's self. This helps cement the campaign and the brand solidly in the realm of walking and exploration. Of course each of these designs would also have links to the main website as well.

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