Tuesday, 30 December 2014

OUGD504 Studio Brief 04 Augmented Design Making Files Commercially Printable

Although I missed the last workshop on making our work files commercially printable, I looked through a couple of friends notes and collected together the relevant information. I have done some extra research into commercial printers and the file specs they want and they vary greatly and often do not detail all the information until you actually order a print so I am having to create conglomerate specs for each file from the workshops we did and the information I have found. Because I am not using swatches or spot colour of any type it is the image preparation and bleed.
I went through the image links in each file and changes the original file to CMYK and 300dpi.

I then also created a vector grid with the lines of the die and perforation over the design. I named this layer and named the three colours that are used in it in the swatches tab. I have also embedded the images into the file so no links are broken in the translation of the file to the printer.

With the two files that were photoshop documents I once again ensured the CMYK colour mode and the image resolution at 300dpi. For the coaster, I put the back and front on different layers and had a bleed of five mm.

With the table sticker I did the same but allowed a slightly larger bleed.

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