Sunday, 28 December 2014

OUGD504 Studio Brief 04 Augmented Design Research into Magazine Advertising.

 Because i am looking at creating a magazine leaflet/insert as one of my three print outcomes for this brief I started looking at the kind of magazines that would reach my young professional and very location specific demographic. I Found one regional magazine that would fit the bill not only because it has the specific location but it is free. These are the magazines that tend to end up in cafes in the mornings, the perfect time and place to hook my audience. I also looked at the kind of magazines that people who wouldn't normally walk or go out of their way to do so. This got me thinking about couples and the way tat it is usually the woman that instigates this kind of 'group activity' and the possibility of only regionally specific advertising but in a national publication, such as elle. This is a fashion magazine but I think this could really allow me to reach the demographic I require. 

 However, some research into the cost of advertising in such a large publication soon dashed this idea.
I then went on to look at newspapers and the possibility of an insert there. The demographic is promising and the wide use of mobiles to access the website is testament to this. as well as suggesting that my target audience would have the kind of smart phones to really interact with augmented reality design.

I also found some contradictory information about the independent demographic as found above. However, I think that this doesn't take into consideration the people reading these newspapers in cafes and the likes.

Iceni magazine is a publication that I feel is the most likely I would be able to advertise in because it is small local and has a feel similar to that of my own work so far in this project. I couldn't find any costs for advertising but i think they would be much more achievable than anything else I have found so far.

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