Saturday, 27 December 2014

OUGD504 Studio Brief 04 Augmented Design Photographing Salt lettering

After the experimentation documented in the last post I set up some proper lighting and looked at the best way to photograph and light the salt so it could transfer into ether a transparent table sticker or any other format required in the development of this brief. I wanted to create the effect of natural light because the whole concept of my website centres around the outdoors. So we set up near a large window and added to the lighting with a single flash diffused using bubble wrap. This was to achieve the scattered light over the different angles of the crystals to make the salt look as much like salt as possible.

To start with we did some tests on black paper because I thought that the differentiation in colour would allow the easy selection of the background to help create the transparent background I want to achieve on the sticker. We ask played around with using sugar in stead of salt because the larger granolas created a more deffinite outline and in the photograph actually looked more like salt.

However, we actually found that the neutral gee background of this photographic paper created the best compromise because there was enough colour difference for easy selection but it also allowed the shadows of the letter forms to be cast slightly and the camera could pick this up beautifully, adding the the effect of salt being spilled on the table.

I then drew out the logo by hand and used this as a guide for the sugar. Although the accuracy of line could not be achieved with the larger granolas of sugar I am confident that I can smooth this out in photoshop. I did the photos in stages and aim to create a composite image of each word put together to create the best and most legible finished product.

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