Sunday, 7 December 2014

OUGD504, Studio Brief 04 Augmented Design Second Thoughts on Campaign

Since my first set of sketches I have been wrangling with the problem of matching a good slogan that captures the tone of voice of the salt of the earth brand to a set of print work that is inventive and engaging with the augmented design aspects that also blend well with the whole tone of voice of the campaign.
I took one of the first slogans I came up with 'Get Lost and Sea More' and put it together with the portal ideas I had come up with last time. I also included the salt lettering idea tat I came up wit right at the end of my blog post last time. These print parts all relate to the location I specified as part of my analysis of the limitations of the Layar technology (cafe's and restaurants in Norwich). I want to produce a sticker that shows the salt lettering version of the salt of the earth logo so that it can be stuck on the tables of the cafes in question, like the salt pot has fallen over. From this some small foot prints in the salt trail will extend to help communicate the whole idea of walking an exploring. I need very specific photos of these oles through wood so I  have sent my dad (a photographer) a thumbnail as shown below to see if he can take it for me, because it is rather impossible for me to get an induction into wood work in time to make and photograph this for submission.

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