Tuesday, 2 December 2014

OUGD504 Studio Brief 04 Augmented Design Advertising for people who Don't Like Advertising

I spent some time in the library today looking at some advertising books, and although they were very interesting I couldn't help feeling that perhaps they were a bit irrelevant because they were al relatively old. That was until I found this book.

It is a really clever discussion of advertising; looking at what makes good advertising and how we as designers address the ethics of advertising.

The main thing that I have taken from this is that Innovation is the key to good design in advertising, not only because it grabs peoples attention but because it energises the designer and creates this momentum to a design project. it also got me thinking about the limitations of a print project. More than anything I don't want to be stuck doing a simple poster. I want to push the boundaries of print. This is mostly possible for me because this brief has a very specific target audience and location. I will go on to list this in an analysis of the brie to start shaping my ideas.

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