Sunday, 28 December 2014

OUGD504 Studio Brief 04 Augmented Design Magazine Insert Design

From the small mock up I did and the various sketches I have digitally created the magazine insert portion of my advertising campaign. Getting all the angles right was a bit of a nightmare but the mock up helped.
I have created continuity between the advertising campaign and the website by maintaining the white over image ooh that I established in my website design.

I used the wood texture from the photos I took for the coaster designs so that the different pieces of the campaign connect visually as well as in content.

The design includes the perforation around the logo on the front of the insert that would have a tab die cut out of the surrounding paper. Tis would mean that when the perforated circle is pulled away you would sea the landscape photo and walk logo for the walk that the leaflet tells you about.

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