Thursday, 5 December 2013

Photoshop Workshop Studio Brief 01 OUGD405

We were introduced to two types of editing on photoshop; destructive and none destructive editing. destructive editing is something like the eraser tool where as none destructive editing can be done by using masks such as hide all or reveal all. These hide or reveal areas that are black or white depending on the mask, this can also be done with gradients.
Clipping masks also operate through the use of black and white. By planning an image above another (needs to be black and white) and press layer, create clipping mask to make something a kin to a digital stencil.
We were also taught to place our designs into a photo frame by using the paste into option. To do this we select the area within the frame and the image we want to place within it. Copy it and slect the options paste special and paste into.

When importing vector graphics like text from illustrator it is best to do this as a smart object because it allows the maintenance of the quality of the image. Once the smart object is in photoshop it can be altered in illustrator, once it is saved as its altered self the version in photoshop will change accordingly. To import a smart object you can simply copy and paste from an illustrator document or use the command 'place'.

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