Friday, 13 December 2013

OUGD405 Edible Type Recipe Decisions

Roz and I sat down and talked about which recipes would best convey the onomatopoeic words in taste form.

Pop- Although this was difficult we knew we wanted to use popping candy because it was too good not to use so we decided to make a pink sponge cake that would be coated in white icing with popping candy in it. This way when cut into the pink centre will visually pop as well as creating a popping sensation when eaten.

Zing- Lime and Ginger jelly, to create the bright green fresh zing of colour and the sharp sour flavours that connote the word zing.

Thud- rocky road, because we wanted something heavy and sticky to fit the word.

Ooze- a chocolate fondant so that when the O was cut into chocolate sauce would ooze out.

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