Sunday, 22 December 2013

OUGD404 Design Principles Type Hierarchies Task Independent Deconstruction

The main difference between the first and second hierarchy is the war that the heavy bold and black type becomes far more dominant out of the context of the page layout. The use of these fonts (5 in total) have been chosen to balance out the advantages certain areas of the page are given from the layout in an effort to control the eye of the reader. Also the slightly less legible italic font used for the subtitle ranked surprisingly high in both hierarchies, in the first I thought it was because of the space allowed around it on the page, but perhaps its illegibility contributes to the draw it has on the eye. The balance between image and text is heavily weighted on the text side meaning that what little image there are dominate the page. the small drawing at the bottom of the page for example contributed strongly to the order in which areas of the page were observed, making the body copy to its right one of the first to be noticed. Once again there is no add space on this page which means the content of the articles dictates the hierarchy.

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