Monday, 2 December 2013

OUGD405 Studio Brief 01 Interim Feedback

This Interim crit took a written form. The designs we had produced were laid out on the tables and people wrote comments on a piece of paper in response to questions left by each person.

My three questions were as follows.
-Which design is the most effective?
-What does it communicate?
-Are there any ways you can suggestion of improving it?

When it came to the most effective design peoples opinions were spread pretty evenly.However, the designs that stimulated the most response was the two shown below.

These designs are explained in the previous post. The feed back on the other ideas helped me come to the conclusion that these two ideas are the strongest I had. Some especially good feedback pointed out that the target audience of John Lewis would not necessarily have a smart phone let alone know how to use a QR code, rendering that idea void. This is something I want to look into, perhaps by looking at the John Lewis mobile website to allow me to create a more accurate idea of the target market.
A large number of people suggested the use of negative space because it fits well with the simplicity of the John Lewis brand and this is something I intend to work in with the text integration in the development of these ideas. Although the feedback suggested that people most liked the illustrations at the top I am reluctant to take this idea further, this is because I feel like the childish illustration style doesn't suit the John Lewis brand in its sophisticated subtlety. I also feel that when turned into a digital image these sketches would best suit a vector image, which would not be pushing myself to try new methods of design and production. The design in the owed images also has more potential in my opinion because I could make use of a number of different media and photographs. Another point that was made was asking whether the middle aged target market for John Lewis would know what Vogue was. In my opinion they definitely would because of the long standing nature of a publication such as Vogue. However, this got me thinking about what I perceive compared to the perspective of someone of that generation, so it may be productive to ask someone of the target audience age about what they connect with each era  I select to represent in my farm fillers (as outline by the post in the previous link) so that the designs work on the intense target audience. A link to this in a post will be added once I have done it.

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