Sunday, 22 December 2013

OUGD404 Type Hierarchies Task House and Garden Deconstruction

The main difference between the first and second hierarchies was dictated by colour; heavy black text on white creates a contrasts that beats that of a light blue. However, the size of the type on some of the light blue titles created a really distinct negative space, which made them really star out in comparison to the black body copy. the reason for the coloured text being so high up in the fist hierarchy is the layout and pictures on the page they were taken from. The light blue in the image at the top made the eye jump directly to the blue text which in turn linked it to other text of the same colour. On the spread I chose to deconstruct there is a balance between the area taken up by images and that which is taken up by text, this creates quite an integrated feel, the images and type complimenting and relating to one another and helping to pull the eye around the page as mentioned above. There are six fonts on this page, a number I have found synonymous with magazines and there is no add space which adds to the harmony and flow of the page because the articles relate more to one another than they would to an add.

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