Sunday, 22 December 2013

OUGD404 Design Principles Type Deconstruction Task The Daily Mail

The main difference between the first and second hierarchy was how low down the title came in the first, considering its immense size in comparison with the other type on the page. This could be because the type os so large that it almost falls into the background like pattern. The decorative font used could be contributing to this. Half of the page is tarn up by a john lewis add. the effect of this was that and neutral grey in the top half of the page drew the eye down to the grey of the add, distracting slightly from the story. There is a little more image than type on the page and this creates the effect that the type is almost hemmed in by the image, dominated by it, as if the author doesn't really want thou to read the piece but rather to look at the images read the title and come to an uninformed conclusion. There are ten different fonts used on this page, which surprised me because at first glance it doesn't look as if it has more different fonts than any other new paper. However, when the ratio between type and image is taken into account, this mix of fonts could be used to create a dense high texture aesthetic which creates the illusion of a dense wordy article.

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