Saturday, 3 October 2015

OUGD603 Extended Practice Brief 01 Students' Union Work Part 2 Elections

Today I had a meeting with the SUabout what they wanted and needed producing for the up and coming elections and the deadlines that I would need to adhere to.

In a similar fashion to the freshers week we need a brand identity for the campaign and a matching set of simple brand guideline that can be used for other small promotional pieces.

Create an identity for the SU's elections campaign and apply it across a number of print based and digital mediums. 

Background considerations :
The SU have already had a meeting about this campaign and given the go ahead for a solar system theme. This means we to a certain extent skip the concept selection stage and go to the creation of visuals. However, still report regularly to the SU to ensure you are doing work they are happy with. 
There is a total of £700 budget, which is fairly good but creative money saving ideas will still need to be implemented. 

- booklet/guide to elections process
- possibility of a pack of some kind to distribute (including guide)
- nomination forms (on back of guide)
- sabbatical flyer promoting the presidents role
- a heads up for elections' flyer
-brand guidelines

This is clearly a large under taking as a project so I need to be strategical about how I proceed. I will start by bringing together visual aids on the theme of space and our solar system and by choosing watch words for the project which centre around what we need the visual to evoke in the audience.

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