Tuesday, 13 October 2015

OUGD603 Extended Practice Brief 01 SU Work Part 02 Elections Campaign: First Design Pitch

Collaboration Partner : Billie

Today we had a meeting with the SU where me and Billie talked through the designs we had so far and the direction we are going in. We got some update such as the full list of deadlines for each output. Also bear in mind that we are looking at doing an animation between the design deadline and the print deadline.

Design Deadline: 30th October 2015
Print Deliverables Deadline: 16th November 2015
Elections Finish: 4th February 2016
Voting Dates: 14/15/16th February 2016

We also had a full update of the deliverables

-Election Guide
-Packs of Envelope
-Nomination forms
-Sabbatical Flyer 
-December Heads Up Flyer
-Floor Stickers (Voting stations)
-Brand Guidelines
-Banners (2 2M x 1M Mesh)
-Animated Logo
-Manifesto Booklets
-Brand Guidelines

We got some very positive feedback and some great guidance to help develop the designs further. These include:
- Experiment with lighter line weight 
- Change the title to Student Elections
- When it comes to the packs think about the time constraints of finishing any complex folding.
-They will look into finding an animation third year that might be interested in helping us to achieve the animation and learn from someone who knows.
- They will have a think about tag lines as well.
- We will also create a selection of slides to be used in the lecture drop ins to explain to students the roles of the SU and execs.

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