Wednesday, 30 September 2015

OUGD603 Extended Practice Love Rouge Chalkboard Visual Reasearch

Before I got started drawing and actually designing for any lettering piece I find it useful to collate a large visual resource which I can reference quickly while working. Pinterest it the best platform for this. 
The main themes I have have found are:

- contrast in typographic styles (mix of angular all caps and romantic cursive)
- pastel tones, especially blue green and pink in combination
- patterns that make use of a a general colour background and line based foreground

When it comes to specific chalkboard design research I have focused in on a designer I have followed for a while on Instagram and has just the right mix of vintage references and sharp edges to fit with the shabby 1950s chic that love Rouge is going for in its identity and interior design.
The next step is not only to find the right colour chalks but start drawing out the logo type of love rouge as a starting point for the typographic designs. Although I must be aware that this chalkboard must sit next to the logo on the window of the cafe, so it may need to be different enough to work in harmony.

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