Monday, 12 October 2015

OUGD603 Extended Practice Brief 01 SU Work Part 2 Elections Campaign: Galifreyan and allocating planets to Roles

To start working out if this solar system theme could work for the elections campaign I looked at the actual number of planets and the number of exec positions.
The exec positions are:
-Raise and Give

Which is only seven. So, although I can't match exactly the roles to the planets I am going to create a fictional solar system for the Students' Union. That didn't stop me trying and failing to align the roles to planets in some way.

To create the visuals for the logo and separate roles I have been wanting to look into Galifreyan. This is the Language of the Time Lords for Dr Who.

This use of interlocking circular symbols got me thinking about the way the complete logo for the elections could be a conglomerate of the symbols for each role in the same way a solar system illustration is made up of the paths of each planet.

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