Saturday, 3 October 2015

OUGD605 Studio Brief 01 Students Union Work Freshers Briefing

The brief is simply to create branding for the freshers week and apply it to a freshers guide and events flyer for the pack that new students get in the post before they start their first year at LCA. As well as designing these two pieces I will act as the intermediary between the SU and the printers (precision). 

Background considerations: I will need to constantly refer to the budget during the planning and designing stages to ensure that the whole project doesn't bankrupt the students' union. As well as the print designs the branding and identity needs to work over a number of platforms, as such considerations need to be made for the colours and the file formats used. I will need to stay in constant contact with the printers throughout the project, communication is key in achieving what you want. Brand guidelines may be required so that the SU can apply the identity I have created onto a number of mediums consistently.

- the brand guidelines used by the SU.
- the freshers pack as received in the post by new students.
- as many examples (physical or pictures) of branded merchandise used to promote the freshers week.

Previous pack:
To have a point of reference and a vague idea of what has gone before the SU gave me this copy of last years guide. It all worked on a theme of a suitcase and was done by an illustration student. It has a very soft, open and friendly feel to it, which is what the SU would like to emulate again this year.
Layout wise and colour usage could be better and more consistent, this is something I will look to improve in my design.
Also the format of this got me thinking. In actual fact there is no need to have a set order of this content. It all makes sense in separate snippets. This could allow for greater flexibility in format choices and something more experimental could be tried.

First thoughts:

I think what I need to do is come up with a few visual concepts and identities and pitch them to the students' union. At least that way we have a starting point and even if they don't go for any of them I can use that to figure out a direction to go in.
At the moment a strong theme that I have discussed with the SU is something that moves away from copious usage of the word freshers, so as not to constantly feel like we are referencing drinking to excess.
Also from talking to the SU about this project I get the feeling that they not only want something that achieves a friendly open tone of voice but is also slightly more edge and professional, in the sense that we should be reflecting the fact that we are an art school. This is going to be a hard balance to strike but I may as well try.

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