Wednesday, 28 October 2015

OUGD603 Extended Practice Brief 03 Botanical Collaboration EarlyResearch, Discussion and Writing the Brief

Collaboration Partner: Jess Wood

Throughout the last week and since Jess and myself talked about collaborating on this brief we have been adding gradually to a joint pinterest board, with visuls of the botanical subject matter and designs that focus on a mix of type and images of plants. This was intended to allow ideas to mull and to ensure that we were both on the same page visualy.

We talked about a distinct merger of botanical illustrations and clever typography. WE talked about how we could make the type and illustration style compliment one another on the page.

We agreed that the most effective designs had a destinct contrast between the style of illustration and the feel of the typography. Jess showed me a few of her illustrations so I could get a sense of her style. She predominantly uses soft watercolours and gentle lines to allow the colour and texture of the plant to come to the foreground. We talked about a high contrast font that borrows heavily from the transitional typographic style to create something with clean edges. However, we also want the type to nod towards the content of the book with perhaps softer, very subtle calligraphic flourishes that make a connection to the soft curves and flourishes and plants in question.

We wrote up a Brief that provides parametres for the work we will do. One of our major concerns was how we will decide the content of the book, because it is impossible to document all plants. We decided that we would create a publication that would look to introduce people to the discipline of botany in a beautiful and easy way. This would allow us to limit the plants in the first issue (the one that we would be creating for this brief) to the most prolific plants. We decided we would choose perhaps 5 of the most common plants in the UK for each season and the publication would progress through the seasons.

The brief is detailed below.

3- Wildflower identification Publication in Collaboration With Jess Wood

Create the first in a series of editorial publications to introduce an amature target audience to the discipline of botany.  Use visuals created collaboratively. Make the most of both designers strengths; Jess illustration and Beth Typography. 

Background Considerations: 

-Establish an ongoing dialogue throughout design process. 
-The content should direct the design decisions but the content should also be carefully considered and limited as suits the target audience.
-Research the functional aspects of botanical identification and consider how these can be communicated clearly and effectively.
-It is impossible to cover all the the plants that are out there, consider practical ways to limit the content in a way that aids communication and fulfills the informative purpose of the design outcomes.
-Consider the production processes and ensure an aesthetic synthesis is achieved in print outcomes.
-The practical uses of the publication must be considered imperative, ensure the illustrations work in terms of identification and the type functions in terms of usability and legibility.

Mandatory Requirements:
Documentation of development individually and collaboratively, so that it is clear what what is done individually relates to the brief in a collaborative sense.
Be aware of the different styles of each designer and play to these as strengths when synthesised in the design.

A printed publication (size to be determined by content).
-Possible extension into promotional print pieces. 

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