Monday, 5 October 2015

OUGD603 Extended Practice Planning the Year Made You Look Documentary

As Part of my Research for my COP 3 work I went to see a documentary and Q and A with the director at the Hyde Park Picture House. It was a look into the Graphic Arts field and the DIY status of simply making things in such a digital age and why and how it still holds a place in our culture.

It was an incredibly inspiring evening and it really got me thinking about my plans for the year. Throughout the documentary people were talking about doing the things tat they would do in their spare time as their main earning skill. When I think about it, my thing that I do in my spare time is lettering. So, why then am i spending all my time this year spreading myself around and doing lots of stuff just to prove that I can do it? 

There is an element of fear in just saying, 'i want to do lettering and typography' because it feels like I am cutting myself off from opportunities. However, I also think that I should spend the precious time I have left on this course doing things that I want to try and do later but may not have the freedom to do so. When people talk about portfolios people say, do the work that you want to do more of and I think that is exactly what I am going to try and do.

Before this I had already done my presentation for my intentions for the year and written out my briefs. However, I think I am going to re-visit and re-work these to make sure I am doing the work that I want to do more of. Specifically lettering and typography, with a focus on craft processes.

Below are the briefs I had Planned to do and the presentation that went with them.

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