Tuesday, 6 October 2015

OUGD603 Extended Practice Visiting Professional LCM Initiative

Visual Art and Music Briefing:

The Fresh Yorshire Aires is an initiative mixing and connecting the two areas of visual arts and music. 
It is starting out as an online exhibition that is open to any visual piece in relation to music or sound in any way.
They will then be used to stimulate the creation of some improvised music pieces. 

The brief if to find a way to brand and create a publication from the content of the exhibition. It needs to be functional but also aesthetically pleasing and be an interesting object in its self. 

Reasons for not engaging with brief:
This would be a long term collaborative brief which would monopolise a lot of my time throughout the year.mi already have my work with the students union to do this. I do not need another. Also I find it hard to discern a distinct purpose for this whole initiative, it just doesn't seem to cross over into any of my interest areas.

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