Sunday, 22 May 2016

OUGD603 Extended Practice Module Evaluation

Throughout this year I have changed as a designer in ways I did not expect. Part of my aim for the year was to stretch and test the way that I work, in terms of style and form. In second year I came to terms with what I loved to create and knowing this, this year has been a test of those limits, finding ways to enjoy tackling briefs I would not expect to. For example, I have made use of fonts and typography to a much greater extent. My work in hand lettering has given me a route into understanding the somewhat more technical side of typography and as a result I have been able to execute much more clean cut and decisive designs. 
This has been encouraged by my multiple collaborations this year. Through each collaboration, I have learnt about a new facet of design. A great example of this is the animation collaboration with Billie. I not only really got to grips with After Effects but also started to work on custom coded expressions, something I was completely unaware of until Billie introduced them to me. 
Before the collaborations I took part in this year, my design process was already very much about dialogue and discussion. This has increased through the collaborations and affirmed the fact that I want to work in a collaborative environment, whatever that eventually entails.
My external engagement through the PPP module has definitely fed into the approach I have taken to my Extended Practice Briefs. As I have started to figure out my first forays into the professional world of Graphic Design my briefs have molded to what could be most useful to me in the future. A specific example of this would be my work with the SU and how organising and coordinating full live campaigns has been an incredibly useful trial of my abilities. 
A brief that I am particularly happy with would be the branding work Izzy and myself did for Feminist Archives Feminist Futures.  Even now, a considerable time after the project was completed, I like the work. The mini logo mark is so flexible in its applications and looks great in the soft pattern we made for FAFF. The colour combinations are really strong, especially the kohl grey version for grey-scale use.  More than anything they were great clients to work with. The same can be said for all the live briefs I have engaged with this year. Everyone I have worked with and for, have been ready to collaborate and talk, this has allowed me to have a certain amount of creative freedom and create work that not only the client is happy with but I am too. Making it all useful in terms of my portfolio and future career.  
Overall, I am pleasantly surprised by the direction my work has taken this year. The outcomes I have created are often not what I expected of my self but something slightly different and outside what I would term my comfort zone.

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