Saturday, 7 May 2016

OUGD603 Extended Practice Brief 09 DR ME Printing and Finishing Touches

The back of the mailer was a fairly simple affair. Allowing space for a personalised message depending on the studio and lining up the 'Muses of Graphic Design Skills' to ensure a positive and funny finish to anyone's interaction with the piece. 

This was the first brief that involved my home pint set up. It was a challenge technically to achieve the colours accurately but the colours are something in particular that turned out perfectly. The harmony of the two colours, their ability to contribute to and support the dominance of the type is well executed. The type its self could have been better had more time been spent studying and developing the actual calligraphy, rather than drawing out the letters. However, the result of this is a lot more of a rounded version of blackletter, which suits the purpose of the design (communicate myself as a designer and person) than what can appear more quite aggressive and angular as a full blackletter. It would have been nice to turn the poster design into a little pack as previously mentioned and planned. However, as the design developed, it felt unnecessary and overcomplicated to do so, the design should and can communicate all that is required. If I had the chance to re do this brief I would have looked at stripping back the design a bit, reducing it down to what makes it function. However, there could be two sides to this because 'stripped back and minimal' arguablly doesn't communicate me, more what I need to focus on achieving more as a designer.

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