Tuesday, 3 May 2016

OUGD603 Extended Practice Brief 10 Archer Animation Demographic Research

Billie and I were talking about the different platforms that these animations will be on and we arrived at the idea that this would be dictated by the target demographics of both Archer and Netflix.
I found some information explaining the demographics of each.

Archer (FX)
Like It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia before it, Archer had a relatively modest start and has blossomed into FX's top-rated comedy. Its strength is among adult men under 35: It attracted just over 1.1 million young dudes during its most recent season, surging a whopping 55 percent versus the show's third season. During the thirteen weeks it aired this winter, the show consistently drew more men under 34 than any of NBC's Thursday comedies (sorry, Ron Swanson) or CBS's hit procedurals Person of Interest and Elementary. In fact, the animated program actually scored bigger ratings than every other Thursday night TV series, save for CBS's nuclear The Big Bang Theory. And so far this year, the only scripted comedy or drama on basic cable that has done better among young men than Archer is AMC's The Walking Dead.

The target market for Netflix’s service is one that is quite specific. In regards to demographics, Netflix targets both males and females between the ages of 17-60. Netflix’s products are targeted towards the lower-middle class and up, specifically targeted to people (or households) with income levels of $30,000 and up. In addition, Netflix offers movie and TV titles that appeal to many racial/ethnic groups with its array of foreign and international films. In regards to psychographics, Netflix appeals to people (mostly adults) who are too busy to go out and shop for desirable titles. Netflix also targets those who are frequent movie renters and movie buffs. One last group Netflix targets are those people who wish to experience the most value for their money, as they are given the capability of renting as many movies as they can in a month for a fixed subscription fee.


The main limitations of a Netflix audience is the income of the audience, allowing them to afford the service. While the main limitations of the Archer demographic are age and gender. This means that we have narrowed down our audience to men under 35 making at least 30,000. In other words, relatively young professionals. The platforms that are most relevant to this demographic are mobile platforms such as Instagram and social media, where a square format would best fit. 

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