Friday, 13 May 2016

OUGD603 Extended Practice Brief 10 Archer Animation Final Mock Ups

Once we had adde the new indents  to the animations I created some contextualised mock ups to show how the animation would look within instagram. 

Mock up of Archer Promotional Instagram Animation from Beth on Vimeo.

Second animation Mock up from Beth on Vimeo.

The addition of the Netflix ident has really grounded the animation in context as a promotional piece, which I think was missing before hand. Also, the great designs by Gretel were a pleasure to recreate, so simple and so clever.
A defining aspect of these animations is the speed at which they play. They quickly and concisely communicate which is crucial when the audience can just decide to scroll on. This was shaped by the cadence in which the words were actually said, just as the visuals were. Fast dialogue is something of a key identifier of Archer as a program and being able to visually recreate this was important to the success of the animations. I think we have achieved this. Billie's hunting down the audio meant we could match them exactly, being as true as possible to the show. However, because it was impossible to get high quality audio and the fast talking, without the characters to ground it, sounded odd and disembodied, eventually we decided that the audio was not needed for the final product. The platform also meant that audio is a selected option rather than a default, so it needed to function without the audio anyway.
The choice of Instagram as an exclusive application for these animations was a good one. We researched the audiences of Netflix and Archer and identified the centre of the venn diagram, if you will.  This was the best platform to reach this audience in a concise and effective way.
One thing that I am particularly pleased with is the layout of the animations. Taking inspiration from the Archer intro sequence and the work of Saul Bass I created designs which I feel really capture the mix of 50s/60s pastiche and modern sharp humour which is so crucial to the way Archer presents its self. The bright colours, uneven shapes and clean typography are the key components of this.
Had we had time I would have liked to have looked at applying these animations to other suitable platforms. I am aware that it is quite a narrow application (although this was purposeful) it would have been nice to see the work go further. Perhaps into stills and billboards.
However, this brief has allowed me to really get to grips with After Effects in a meaningful way and create work that I am really pleased with. So, overall an enlightening success.

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