Sunday, 8 May 2016

OUGD603 Extended Practice Brief 10 Archer Animation Developing Animation Style

Taking the stills as a final frame we created the animations you cane see below. These are only the first two of three.

Archer animation 3 from Beth on Vimeo
Matching the speed of the animation to the quote its self created a strong communication of the fast wit which is so prevalent in Archer. Billie created a custom code to input into After effects to create a bounce to each movement, creating a strong visual link from one animation to the next but also adding a sense of playfulness and comedy that is a pivotal part of Archer.

Archer animation 1 from Beth on Vimeo.

archer ani 2 soundless from Beth on Vimeo.

We spent some time figuring out the format these needed to be infer Instagram but eventually learned you ca export the animation as frames and create a very high resolution gift which is comparable with Instagram.

Archer Ident from Beth on Vimeo.

To add the basic information which the add is promoting Billie created a finishing animation to be added to each gif which visually connects our animations, Archer and Netflix.

However, we revisited our earlier research into the Netflix branding and decided that we needed to align with the new branding in a more definite way. The brand change is too recent to negate. Also, because the branding that Gretel created permeates the very functionality of the Netflix website it is central to the experience of a Netflix customer, solidly linking our adds and the Brand.

I created a stack of my own according to the Gretel Guidelines. The black square is the starting frame of each of our animations. Taking these into After effects was a simple matter compared to the kinetic type animations and Billie found an expression which she customised into a soft glide finish for the sliding stacks.

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