Sunday, 28 February 2016

OUGD603 Extended Practice FAFF Postcards

As a small piece of work  to expand on the branding that Izzy and myself did for FAFF we were asked to create three postcards that help concisely communicate what FAFF is all about a kind of organisation business card.

It was a great reason to use the small version of the logo that we had created.

We had a few issues with the images that we were sent because they were so low rez. However, we were given full editing rain to make them look as decent as we possibly could. so, we played around with editing the highlights and low lights to different colours but actually found that black and white worked best and helped communicate the central theme of history and archiving. It also provide a solid back drop for the coloured logo.

The small logo sat in front of the image in the corner and then had the main logo much bigger on the back to make sure that the branding is recognised at what will be the first point of contact with the organisation for many people.

We then looked at creating an information hierarchy from the DIN font family which works beautifully in conjunction withe the DIN medium we used on the logo.

This arrangement means that we will also be able to possibly re-use the grid for other promotional material.

These were printed the next day and came out really well.
However, we did mention that once they had some higher res images it might be wise to make some up with those even though the black and white images work really well.

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