Tuesday, 2 February 2016

OUGD601 Brief 01 SU Part 1 Freshers Planning Guide Structure and Print Negotiations

After talking with Francesca at Precision about stock and printing limitations. They sent me the full printing sample sheets and I started to draw out the posible net options and how they would fit onto the sheet.
From earlier meetings with Precision I was told that the best way to create this concertina form would be to print one sided and fold along the top seem to create the impression of double sided print. So, I was trying to fit a way to do this into the space available on one side of the sheet.

However, as can be seen in the images above and below this would involve a lot of hand finishing which instantly sky rockets the price.

I then asked Francesca if it would be posible to make the booklet double sided, this would make fitting the content on and the finishing a lot easier. She seemed to think this was a much more straight forward solution. Needles to say, I was a bit irritated that I had been. Miss informed from the start.

This gave rise to the layout shown above. This was much more simple and allowed for the addition of a pocket on the upper right page which would hold all of the other printed info that needed to be inserted into the mailer.

It all folded up very neatly into a square self contained envelope.

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