Saturday, 6 February 2016

OUGD603 Extended Practice Brief 04 FAFF Briefing and First Thoughts

As the collaborative Brief outside the course my collaborative partner Izzy Drake and I have come up with ways to ensure the project works for both our courses. This includes simple structuring methods for research and writing out the brief in full.

Brief: Create a logo/brand for the organisation 'Feminist Archives, Feminist futures to be applied across multiple media platforms and communicate the ideals of the organisation as well as its purpose.

Background considerations:
- Analyse and consider the branding of other similar Feminist organisations, evaluate what they are doing wrong and right and feed this into the design produced.
- Analyse the purpose and message of the organisation by talking to the individual we received the brief from and examining their existing online presence.
- Do at least a cursory investigation into feminist history to add to and refresh your existing knowledge.
- Consider how the format of the logo will be dictated by the application platforms, communicate closely with the client on this to ensure they get what they need.
- Consider the brand guidelines that could accompany the logo to aid latter applications.
- Organisation is key in any collaborations, find ways to maintain good communication and full collaboration throughout.

Mandatory Requirements:
- Close communication with the client.
- A functioning logo must be produced that is both usable by and representative of FAFF.

- Logo in any format deemed necessary from client communication.
- Any Brand guidelines or aids in applying the identity designed in a wider sense.
- Blog entries recording the development of the project.
- Design boards detailing the key points of the project.

After talking with both Izzy and Sharon (a tutor on the VisCom course and also our main contact with  FAFF, we looked at the current online presence of FAFF to get a full picture of where they are as an organisation. Their about page is very helpful in dong this.

This was a much more direct and to the point explanation of exactly what they do that we go from a somewhat meandering conversation with Sharon, but it is understandable because they have many goals and pairing those down can be hard to do from such close proximity to the project. During the 'Briefing' Conversation we asked Sharon if she could describe what FAFF do in three concise words. These were:
- Herstory
- Independence
- Active hope for the future

Once Izzy and myself sat down together and read through the information above on the website we decided to come up with a few more concise weds of our own.
-Archival activism
through the website we also found organisations such as the Glasgow Women's Library, WFTV and Vera Media that we are going to look at in terms of their cause in relation to their branding as our first point of research.

Devision of work:
so far we have decided that we each will start idea generating and creating thumbnail sketches that we will bring together in a week and then look to our favourites to digitise together.

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