Sunday, 21 February 2016

OUGD603 Extended Practice Brief 06 Tryptic Poster Design Brief and First Thoughts

It soon will be my turn to create a poster for the LCA Tryptic project. This means creating an A2 poster to sit alongside two others designed by two of my peers. My two peers are Jess and Roz, both people I have collaborated with before. I have just taken the time to write out the brief properly so that this brief can be a small addition to my extended practice module, although it should take no longer than perhaps a couple of days, although spread out over a week or so while I simultaneously work on other projects.

Brief: Create an A2 poster to sit alongside two others in the entrance to the Graphic Design department at Leeds College of Art.

Background Considerations: 
- The distance and angle that the poster will be view at should be thought about, especially in terms of legibility of any type.
- Consider the holistic effect of the posters viewed together as they will be.
- Think about the audience of the posters and when they will be looking at them.
- Think about what you want to say with the design and how it represents you as a creative.

Mandatory Requirements:
- have and record conversations with Roz and Jess about this project.
- record the development of the project on you design practice blog.

- A2 poster for display.
- design boards of process.
- record of process on blog.

First Thoughts and Conversations:

To start with Roz, Jess and myself started talking about a theme that could visually connect the different posters that we came up with. Eventually it was agreed that just saying that we each would stick to the hand rendered aesthetic to connect them, leaving the content to each of us indevidually.

Myself I first thought about the audience of these posters, which would mostly be Graphic Design tutors, students and the odd visiting professional. Also, most people would be seeing this poster at the start of their day, or just after lunch, so some kind of uplifting or jocular message would be a really positive thing to have in the space. There are a number of course specific or college specific jokes that I could call on for this.

Research Areas:
- alternative poster design.
- previous students designs.

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