Monday, 1 February 2016

OUGD601 Brief 01 SU Part 1 Freshers Events Flyer Planning and Complications

Because the events flyer is a comparatively small part of this brief I have dedicated ably a small fraction of the blog to it. 

In the same way as the guide I created paper mock ups that I photographed and sent to precision before creating the artwork, so that we knew what we wanted was possible in budget. The images below are what I sent. Because the contents were list based I wanted to create something that folded inventively vertically.

There were quite a fees complications with this flyer, because of the complex folding, which would have required hand finishing (way above our budget). This would have come to the surface as a problem much sooner than it did but someone at precision didn't look at the mock ups I created so didn't understand what I was asking for but didn't say anything until three days before the art work was required and I had done it. Fortunately I remembered them talking about some new irregular folding technology they said they were going to get in when I visited. I asked if they had this and if that might do the job. Fortunately it did and I was saved three horrible days of remaking the flyer.

The content was a fairly straight forward list with a couple of icon/symbol designs for each. These were worked into the drop pin shape of the logo, which was upturned for any drink referencing symbols.  This made it very easy to interlock them in the small space left after all the information had been input.

This was the final artwork that I sent to precision, the green lines are where the folds would sit. This meant that when folded down into the concertina the only thing you would see is the freshers week logo.

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