Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Type Lecture: The basics of Type Anatomy OUGD403

As part of our lecture we were given examples of lettering and asked to change the classification of them. For example, turning a sans serif into a serif. Below you can see an attempt to change a Baskerville lower case a into a sans serif form.
These are some sketches from other people on our table.

We were also given an upper case R in Ariel. I found that particularly hard because I have had very little to do with arial as a font and so don't fully understand what defines it. This has really taught me that to change my font for my alphabet soup brief I have to really understand the font I am starting with for my changes to be accepted by the letter  forms.

I really loathed the result of this attempt, but I learnt a lot from it so...not a lost cause!

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