Saturday, 19 October 2013

Design Development.2: Alphabet soup OUGD403

As an after thought to may of the optical illusion tests I have done I started looking at the line weight contrast idea that was one of the first that I had but this time thinking in a more mechanised way creating cutting edges and corners. Below is the first sketch i did when thinking in this way. I chose the W for the test because its angular shape seemed to lend its self to the concept.
I have also tried out this idea in a few small variations on some other angular capitals. Although I feel the high contrast look really works with the idea of damaging the eye of the reader, there is something that doesn't feel quite right to me. Possibly this is because sharp angular aesthetic is so alien to me especially in my own design. I have talked to a few people not only on my course but others in the college and they all seem to respond really positively to the style and idea so I feel I should carry on with it.

Something that I am starting to worry about is the legibility of he type and the fact that this could only be used at large sizes for header text. So as I continue I want to look into perhaps creating a more subtle version of these designs so that it is more usable.

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