Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Design Principles Introduction OUGD404

During our Design principles introductory lecture/seminar we were talked through the different areas of study, including type, grid and colour, which form the main subjects. these areas are analysed to create a deep understanding of the laws and principles so we can know when and how to question and challenge these principles in a way that creates new and exiting designs.

In the end the major theme we often returned to was the way all designs come down to communication and the link between the designer and the audience and how effectively a design uses this link. The factual and technical grounding this module will provide links in with both our studio briefs and context of practice lectures, which in turn siphon into our design process to improve and renew our work.

The module will be submitted in the form of a portfolio of physical work as a result of the set tasks, note books and sketch books, and a journal in the form of our blog.

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