Friday, 25 October 2013

Studio Brief 03: Interim Crit OUGD403

The crit took the form of an informal wonder around the studio tables on which were placed each persons work with a page next to it for constructive criticism. The designs that I brought are below, all are created from the concepts collected by my research into what defines a city environment.

The feed back sheets received are also shown below.

There were a couple of contrasting opinions which i think came from people not actually looking at the notes next to the sketches and me not communicating the information as effectively as I could. The most surprising ones of these were "you have based you chosen font on Handwriting alone", which surprised me to start with Because there are numerous personality traits and concepts that have been applied to the type. Yet there were also comments saying that I should use the handwriting as a bases for my font (when I had already done so in a few of the examples). 

The main things to take away from this crit is to spend time on design sheets and how they communicate, but also on a more specific note to experiment further with textures applied to the type, to continue with the descenders concept and look into creating a header text with this.

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