Friday, 4 October 2013

Final Designs

In the end we produced a booklet, key ring, app and stickers, both for the door and the app. We used the digital print room to print out the stickers and booklet, along with the instructions for sticker use.

Within the booklet crime statistics, 'where to lose your shit', instructions for the app and a small comic strip about how 'John didn't lock his door'. If we were to go back to this brief I would have liked to reconsider the organisation of the booklet so it really clearly solves the brief in a direct and simplistic manor. I have to admit that I got a bit caught up by how beautiful the stuff we were creating was that I didn't give the organisation of the products much thought. But next time I shall make a particular effort to distribute my effort and time between the fuction of the solution and its look, so the two areas are balanced.
As mentioned in our crit we replaced a few of the places where we were going to use the word shit with our supplementary strap line "Shhh,It's Gone!", the poster below is an example this. I am very pleased with the clean look, its clarity and simplicity shines out of the picture!

The picture below shows the final part of photographing the pack  contents  for our presentation on friday.

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