Monday, 11 November 2013

Studio Brief 02 Design Development OUGD403

The letter I chose to shape my full alphabet from is shown below. This was because it has a decisiveness of aesthetic that makes it easier to apply to a wider range of letters and has opportunities for development. Follow the link to see the development to the second image in this post.

The image below is a test from an illustrator workshop that forms part of this brief. Because of its development and improvement of the message that was intended to be conveyed in Studio Brief 01. 

When attempting to apply this aesthetic to a wider range of letters there were a few problems encountered. For example, the angular shape created by the removal of anchor points is very hard to make work on rounded shapes.

As is shown above a way of solving this was to cut across these rounded edges in a way that marred the gentle curve of the letter. Once again, however, in order to avoid the trap of simply damaging the letter the clipping mask of the lines allows the silhouette of the letter to continue maintaining legibility but hopefully damaging the eye. To see the earlier sketches attempting to use these optical illusion lines please follow the link.

In letters where there was a cross over between straight and rounded edges the best solution seemed to be the introduction of a sense of perspective through the look of light falling on an object. This comes from some earlier experimentation with the idea of light blinding the eye of the reader.

With very rounded letters I found that it was best to keep it simple by incorporating minimal angular cuts and corners.

Where the direction the letter design was going it seemed to be too obvious and predictable the letters were made slightly more strange in shape in the hope that when reading a few letters might stand out more than others, distracting the eye and arguably 'damaging' it.

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