Friday, 1 November 2013

Mono-Print Workshop

Mono-print works by using a plastic sheet that, when rolled with ink had a stencil applied and rolled through a print press, produces a textured print.
The image below shows the plastic sheet to which ink is applied without the stencil.

Both layers of the stencil can be used to produce different types of print, below was made using the inner part of the stencil and the other part of the stencil can be seen in the back of the top image. The drop shadow in the image below was achieved by producing numerous black ink prints without renewing the ink. Once it had worn away to quite a low level the stencil was removed and a layer of red in applied. The stencil is replaced but at a slight shit to the right. When printed the black ink left behind by what was behind the stencil in the black prints comes through the red ink, creating a drop shadow. 

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