Wednesday, 29 April 2015

OUGD505 Design Practice 02 Study Task Three Constructing The Flyer

Because of multiple time restraints I had to create both outcomes for this study task very quickly. So, I could not stick completely to my usual methodology. I took simple and straight forward inspiration from the name of the exhibition and looked to re appropriate the promotional print from the actual exhibition. I took the words disobedient object in a much more literal manner and looked to making the 'objects' come to life a kind of fit of passionate rebellion.

Using the water bottle poster made me think of using a sea monster of some sort and I wanted to keep the illustration style quick and reminiscent of the passion of protest graphics.

I tried both quill pen and ink and a soft felt tip. 

I struggled to achieve something that looked right and conveyed the idea of the bottle its self coming to life.

Using a slightly more controlled style and the felt tip because this seemed like a medium more available to protestors. I stretched the lines of the water bottle to make it seem like the plastic was stretching and warping in the effort to live.

Once I had an illustration I liked I found a font that emulated the angles of the one originally used and applied all the information required of the brief.

I Created a black and white print out but also wanted to try some coloured stock because I felt that it could bring the design to life and make it seem a little less sinister.



Using the colours of the print handouts at the exhibition and the people's history logo colour (yellow and pink) I tried out some different coloured stock.

The yellow provides the best contrast and legibility of text so I think this would be the best coloured stock to go with. I like the design but I am not convinced that it communicates the right things. It is possibly a bit too dark and sinister. In the booklet I want to use the same design as a cover but try and use the content arrangement to lighten the tone of voice.


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