Tuesday, 21 April 2015

OUGD505 Studio Brief 02 Covered Brief and Analysis

Following your initial engagement, locate one publication that documents the work of your chosen thinker and develop a design for a book cover that capably communicates something about its content. Your submission is in two parts:
  • An A4 poster print of your proposed cover that is produced using a process of your choice. This should be limited to two colours plus stock.
  • A completed jacket design including front, back and spine complete with blurb, publisher logos, ISBN numbers, etc. Again, reflecting some of the constraints in book publishing, this should also be a two colour (plus stock) design.
Areas of consideration:

The first hurdle to surmount is that of understanding the content of the book of my choice. These philosophical and theory books tend to have many complex ideas to convey and choosing the main idea or even one application or interpretation of the content to communicate will need to be something that takes place with decidedness. 

I want to closely consider the production methods of the poster and book cover and there might be slight differences between the two because of the different applications. I am especially aware of the angles that the design will be viewed from in an exhibition environment. When people move around the poster reflections and texture might help in communicating message. 

I have looked at the list of theorists in the brief and have decided to look into three plus someone of interest already to me. These are: Barthes, Lucan and Guy Debord. Guy Debord being a theorist I became aquatinted with during my A level Media Studies.

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