Thursday, 23 April 2015

OUGD505 Study Task 3 Disobedient Objects North Briefing

Understanding the needs of specific layouts for specific jobs is key to your development and practice. There are many times as a designer that you will have to consider differing formats for layout due to clients’ needs and also the need of information.
This one week task is a practical exercise that will highlight layout skills and understanding of application of text, point sizes, columns, margins, gutters, image, page size, bleed, scale, format, pagination, fluidity, audience and composition.
You will be given dummy type / text / images to work with during this task that is studio based. You will be given instructions per layout requirements and also a context to help you decide how information should be positioned and organised.
You will be expected to add your own design flourishes upon these designs, where appropriate.
You will share visual representations of your work with a partner / small group.  
Layout 1 – Minimal Text / image: A5 Flyer
Layout 2 - Text Heavy / Imagery: Concertina spread (10x A5 pages)
Extended Practice:
As soon as you have completed your flyers and brochures, you are expected to extend the range of design across platforms. Suggestions are: Poster / mail shot / tickets and appropriate mediums. 

You are asked to produce a simplistic flyer design for a 'Disobedient Objects North' Exhibition at the People's History Museum ( using the instructions below.
Format: A5 – Portrait
Title: Disobedient Objects North
Sub-Title: In Association with the V&A
Date: August 3, 2015 - August 29, 2015
Location: People's History Museum, Manchester.

Routes for Research and Consideration:
Generally what instantly stood out to me was the need to comprehend more deeply the practice of event and exhibition branding. I will also look specifically at cultural branding and how they appeal to such a wide audience.
Because I did not manage to get to the exhibition in question I will aslo look into the aesthetics of the exhibition its self and why certain design decisions have been made. This will also allow me to collate all of the content that will be needed for the two publications.
Branding research will also need to be undertaken to understand the original exhibition, the V and A and the people's History Museum, Manchester.

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