Tuesday, 28 April 2015

OUGD505 Studio Brief 01 Study Task Three People's History Museum Research

Afyer understanding the relationship between the v&A and the exhibition in the promotional work, I thought it worth while to look into how the people;s history museum would go about applying their logo.

I first looked at the website  and instantly the logo stands out. The Florissant pink can't be said to be classy in the same way the V&A logo is. I think perhaps it is slightly over applied but then again it could be argued that the museum is about shouting and taking notice throughout history, so it could be said to be apt.

What did strike me was the way that the logos look so much like stickers which is played on with the angled application. 

Where ever it is applied it seems to be in clutches rather than simply one and the odours vary between yellow and pink and these could be the colours of the stock for the flyers and the booklet. The suggestion of collage or at least layers of visual in this sticker like logo have given me the idea to re appropriate the posters from the London based work in a collage fashion and just see what I come up with.

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