Sunday, 20 April 2014

OUGD406 Studio Brief 04 Second Print Run

 The pixelation that I had on the cover in the first run is much improved and the white of the text matches that of the rest of the menu. I achieved this by printing samples each time a resized the design to ensure maximum quality.

As you can see I have  increased the weight of the shadow lines which really helps it look like chalk art in my opinion.

Although you cannot see it from this image there is slight pixelation or uneven lines on this vector graphic design and on all of them in fact. i must not have noticed it in the first run because of the bigger problems but i think this is to do with printing directly from idesign. I will talk to James (print tech) and get this solved before my next print.

I have also noticed a large typo on the map which I missed on the first run, this is crucially bad and needs to be fixed, it justifies another print in its self.

Otherwise the problems that I noticed first have cleared up nicely and the black board background has been much improved by shrinking the image I used. the overall intensity and contrast of the piece has improved.

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