Sunday, 20 April 2014

OUGD406 Studio Brief 04 Interim Crit

These designs that I have produced so far are what I presented at the interim crit. there was a lot of useful feedback. We discussed the option of screen printing the front on the menus. However, this brought up the problem of how the back was to be produced and we all agreed that it was a really important part of the design and it could only be produced through digital print. So we came back to the digital print idea. I then brought up the idea of doing some hand rendered chalk art for the front cover to warm up the aesthetic in place of the tactility of screen print, this seemed to go down well and we agreed that I should do a test print of the menu and see how the black chalk board surface prints and go from there in relation to screen print. The suggestion was also made to include another page for an introduction so that people know what the piece is about and just to say 'don't panic' and ease new students into the idea of the Rossington street print menu. When asked how many I was going to produce I said 20, so that people could share and use it as a starting point for conversations but also so a number of people would get them to keep. It was also suggested that I turn the information into a poster that could go up in their studio so that it could reach more people, this is something I would love to do if I have time. 

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