Sunday, 20 April 2014

OUGD406 Studio Brief 04 Print Run (1st)

Although I intended this to be my last print rum it looks like it will only be the first. The majority of the design has come out well but the chalkboard texture in the background has pixelated, drawing attention away from the content.
Also the alignment of the two sides caused a few problems and the addition of the frame around the screen print page made the slight imbalance very noticeable.

It folded really successfully but would not stay together as a booklet well so i am considering the addition of a belly band of some sought for practical reasons.

Although I like the hand rendered type I find that seeing it at this size suggests some changes for improvement. I want to increase the thickness of the the drop shadow lines because they fade into the background at this smaller size. Also because the design was inverted it is more of an off white than white, while the rest of the booklet is a clean white, so I want to go back and make this type a clean white as well. Also this image seems a bit pixelated so I want to go back and re scan it at a higher dpi.

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