Tuesday, 27 January 2015

OUGD503 Responsive Studio Brief 01 Individual Practice Leeds Arts Party Website Research and Analysis And Brief

Before we met up to start discussing the website fully, Fran sent me a few links to websites that she felt might be useful in relation to the website for the arts party. I can completely see how each of these could contribute to the Leeds Arts Party website and its good to see that we are both on the same page.

The colour scheme is what obviously relates to the arts party. These are not web-safe, but perhaps this is not something that we must conform to in this situation because creatives would be the target audience and the ones that would be mostly accessing the website (via macs). The idea of the colour coded menu at the side is really nice and could be improved and applied to the different events at the conference. Otherwise, the space that this website has is very refreshing look and something that I wish to emulate on the website. The logic behind this is the fact that the images that will be on said website are likely to sometimes be illustrations and art, with high visual texture levels, in order fir this not to feel busy, extra space must be allowed.

I believe it is the blog structure that is in the websites shown both above and below that Fran is particularly keen on implementing. They both use square tiled effects, that allow the images to do all the talking. On a conceptual level this works brilliantly with the entire cause of the arts party and its celebration of the arts. This tiled or modular grid may be more doable in formats other than wordpress, but this is something we will tackle on the day, because I know this will be tricky, but is important to the user experience of the website.

The element that instantly grabs me from the moment you enter this website is the slide show of all the latest blog posts that sits at the top of the page. This is definitely something that could be used for the blog aspect of the website once there is enough content. It instantly creates a sense of vibrancy , both through the simple fact that it is moving and the varied colours of the images, and vibrancy and celebration is what the arts party is all about.

Create a simple functional website for the Leeds Arts Party. It needs to convey the positive activism at the conferences core and help establish a link between the printed promotional material and the online campaign that is just kicking off. 

Background Considerations:
The website will need to be designed with an eye to material created for the conference day so that visitors relate the two platforms. A system of organisation needs to be developed for the events on the day so that organisation and signage are easier to understand and the information on the website is reachable.

A functioning website that the members of the arts party can access and update when needed.

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