Tuesday, 6 January 2015

OUGD504 Brief 02 Kickstarter Magazine Mock up and Stock Decisions

Revisiting the printed version of this project aimed to achieve a better colour translation from screen to print, through the use of more professional printers. During the course of the Brief, production was placed on the sidelines in order to create the most effective design possible. The other aim of this print was to create the impression of a completely different magazine, to those already on the market: something less about the 'look' and more about the ethical integrity of the content, (a difficult 'look' to construct). Choosing a basic 110gsm matt stock with a slight texture created this balance perfectly, adding the right hint of tangibility, communicating the physical presence of the magazine in a way the ethereal and unreal glossy magazines simply can't.
Considering the necessity for a budget is pivotal when a start up company is involved. A possible area for saving is in the binding of the magazine. This experiment shows how interlocking the pages by utilising a few simple cuts and no glue or complex binding methods. This also creates the impression that the publication sits somewhere between that of a magazine and a newspaper, which fits with the image and brand constructed so far.

The colours are exactly what I imagined and I am so pleased with the way the tag line works; not shouting, just stating, 'unashamedly feminist'.

The whiteness of the stock was important to maintain a certain amount of stark edginess to balance out the softening effects of the texture, and help the legibility of the negative space text that would be an established design decision for the front cover and an inherent part of the brand identity.

Final Images

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