Wednesday, 28 January 2015

OUGD503 Responsive Building The Arts Party Website

Me and Fran (the initiator for the LAP) got together to discuss and start constructing the leeds arts party website. Although the pages below look like a lot of scribbles they actually detail a lot of decision making.

We talked about what the site needed to contain, like a meet the team page and links to social media outlets, and that we wanted an image based look with a tiled flow of information from the blog section of the site. We wanted the blog to contain info about up and coming events in leeds that could relate in some way to the arts party. This would fill and constantly change the content on the main page.

We talked about the established aesthetic of the Leeds Arts Party and how we would transfer this onto a digital format. This seemed to be most achievable through the use of colours. We discussed the limitations of web safe colours and the fact that the colours in the logo were not going to be consistently reproduced on older screens. On this point we made an informed decision to stick with the non web safe colours because the majority of our target audience would be creatives, so mac would be the dominant way our audience would interact with the website and therefore colour translation would be much more achievable.

We went on to take the colours from the logo and allocate it to  a type of event going on at the arts party. Beyond this we also made the decision to use the orange/red from the logo as the rollover button colour and highlight for the page. this comes from the subtitle colours used on the leaflet design earlier in the year.

We then talked about the links between the pages and what could be accessed through each page. This lead to the idea of creating a separate menu for the different event in the part and using the allocated colours we talked about earlier in this menu.

We went through all the colours in the logo in photoshop and got the hexadecimal code for each. This was so that we could maintain complete colour accuracy throughout the design process. 

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